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Food Delivery

online food delivery is not fasion of people but necessity

Special Menu by Karloff

Newly added recipe for your inspiration

Inspired by Bangladeshi Cuisine

Rajshahi Mutton Curry

Bengali Food

Actually its a combination of Indo-Bangla. You may feel Zaika from this special mutton curry. Just you have to confirm by testing this recipe as we cant explain the its original test. Really its delicious.

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Combination from South & East

Fusion Chicken Onion Curry

Indian Food

Indian curry transform into new Ziakedar Recipe. This is different from normal chicken curry recipe. Its flavor and test are more delicious and different from normal curry. It has really uniqueness .

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Reformation of Buffalo chicken wings

Hot N Sweet Karloff Wings

Starter Food

Its very special for young guys who need something extraordinary in starter. Its Hot and its sweet marinated with special sauce after making fried chicken wings. This is very delicious food.

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One stop solutions for your cooking habit


Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

India's fastest growing brand with multi-cuisine restaurant has been delivering food through Mobile APP along with Takeaway and Dinning facilities. Available Pizza, Burger, Fried Chicken, Biryani and Indian, Chinese, Tandoor and many more....

Food Grade & Quality Control

So Many people think that only "looks and test" is important for any food to be delicious. But we don't think so because health is also more important. Our first priority for any food is ingradients.

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Delivery Through Mobile APP

Now a days online food delivery is not only business trend & fasion of people but necessity of our busy schedule life. With help of latest technolgy we have been updated ourself everyday.

Figure out what is in your food!

Why we open our secrete of recipe!! Really everything is not the secret but we believe that quality depends on the food ingredients like cooking oil, masala, fresh vegetable, fresh chicken and Mutton. Obviously, we can't deny the certain contribution of our chef.

Make Recipe Recreate Recipe

When you eat food with your family and friends, it always tastes better. The food industry deals with highly sensitive products as it is related to health. It’s practical that by producing foods in better quality and satisfying customer’s needs, quality control gives a boost to the goodwill of the company in the minds of people. That’s why one reputed brand always think about the quality. Every time I followed that Karloff has been maintained food grade.

“I know once people get connected to real food, they never change back.”
– Alice Waters

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